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February 03, 2013

The latest comic I put up is a spoof on Kay Jeweler's "open heart" collection.

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January 16, 2013
The government is trying to ban assault weapons, buying out all the ammunition so we can't get any, trying to take away our second amendment rights even after reading that Benjamin Franklin quote and they still are allowing Chuck Norris to have his fists. What? This is an outrage!

January 07, 2013
I asked the Yahoo! Answers community how they feel about my stuff. 3/3 said my comics weren't funny and 1/2 people liked my stories. So there's where I stand with folks. Honestly, I probably wouldn't care much for their sense of humor either.

January 06, 2013
I put up two new essays that I wrote. One about superheroes and the other about Walden Pond.

January 03, 2013

Two new comics up. One about divorce and the other about prejudice in comics. Also, here's a quote I like:

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December 27, 2012
If I'm going to make fun of celebrities and semi-important figures like Jesus I'd better start using a pseudonym, or alias, to protect myself from death threats. My new name is George Washington. That shouldn't raise any suspicions. Seriously though, I'd never make a parody about Mohammad. Those extremists are just looking for someone to go crazy on.

December 23, 2012
New comic up about Cornel West. I heard he and Tavis Smiley put together a book about poverty lately.

December 21, 2012
I think I've been pushing the limits too far lately to try and get a laugh. I'm going to try and tone it down a little bit back to more subtle, boring jokes. I can't imagine making jokes about sulfur or crack is going in the right direction. I mean worse stuff is on the internet for people to get freely, but there's been way too much chaos in the nation lately. I don't want to mistakenly condone any dangerous activities or have someone who isn't right mentally to think it would be funny to try something wild.

December 17, 2012
I don't understand why so many people are surprised about the latest massacres. Anyone read a history book? It's full of hundreds of wars from every race, gender, background, religion, etc. Some wars lasted hundreds of years. For the entire time humans have been on the planet we've been killing each other for every reason thinkable. For most of history the only job out there for most poor people was soldier. Warriors that could slaughter hundreds of enemies in one battle were praised as heroes. I'm confused about why people are so surprised that people end up doing this. Just putting people in a classroom for 12 years isn't going to make everyone pacifist. Prisons are full of people that would rather deal with their anger and problems through violent means than by meditation or yoga. Even super educated geniuses occasionally snap and commit murder. Maybe we should just be glad 99% of people aren't serial killers.

December 15, 2012
I picked up a couple books from the library. One on physics and another on chemistry. I thought it would be pretty funny if this happened. Some pretty exciting stuff going on with atoms and chemicals. The books go right up to current thoughts in physics such as black holes and string theory. All the scientists are stumped about black holes and how to explain them. Apparently quantum mechanics can't explain them nor the general theory of relativity. I should study the equations and try and find a solution. I understand a lot of math maybe I'll figure it out. Anyways, new comic #318.

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