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December 02, 2014

I picked up Archie no.36 today. They followed what a lot of superhero comics have in the past done by killing of a major character. Kind of odd for Archie since he lives in a peaceful universe, unlike the consistently war-torn lives of superheroes. I've read death of Superman and remember when Batman broke his back from Bane. Marvel just released a series of the death of Wolverine. I've seen Hal Jordan from Green Lantern die and come back from the underworld. Not sure about Spiderman, Ironman, or any of the other hundreds of variants, but they've probably tried it once.

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November 24, 2014
I mentioned Alan Turing in my 3,000 year history of computers and now he's the focus of a new movie titled "The Imitation Game." There have been many pioneers that have moved the field forward and I just recently purchased a book by Norbert Wiener on cybernetics. It's a pretty broad ranging book, but interesting nonetheless. He coined the term 'cybernetics' and was a prominent professor and child prodigy on the east coast of the USA during the middle of the 20th century.

November 19, 2014

So I was watching a documentary on the West by Ken Burns today trying to find something interesting and I have a giant book by National Geographic on the Indians so I'm familiar with a lot of the battles and tribes and some of their beliefs, and I understand the whole Spanish conquest event pretty well. Needless to say it's pretty tragic. So I switched it to this movie I saved on my Netflix list called Pirates of Penzance.

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November 06, 2014

Another comic up. I did this one about a little red book. Not a little red book, but THE little red book, as in the one old Mao Zedong handed out to everyone in China as propaganda.

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October 11, 2014
Now that ebola has also come out of the disease-trap that is Africa I should update my world atlas. Also, since Canada was owned by not only France, but England as well I should make the necessary changes.

September 16, 2014
I've uploaded a new comic to the site. It's a rehashed version of Married with Children. I've been meaning on creating this one for awhile and I'm surprised I haven't seen a similar joke elsewhere. Basically the joke really clicked in my head when I started to see so many "Als" in the news about middle-East.

August 23, 2014

I know that it's been awhile since I've done an update. I was planning on switching jobs so my computer and the hard drive and all the software installed on it has been in storage for the greater part of a month. I almost moved to Phoenix, AZ to take a job there. I was hoping that it would be different from the area here since I've lived here for most of my life and just felt like I needed a change. Well I was wrong. It was nearly identical to the suburbs of OC, except for about 10 to 20 degrees in weather and being surrounded by the world's largest ocean. I didn't reject the job for that reason though. I thought I had until the end of the month to move out after job training, but he wanted me there immediately and neglected to tell me that while we were talking on the phone. I just wasn't comfortable being rushed into signing a 12-month lease on an apartment.

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June 27, 2014

I haven't updated this site with any new stories or comics in awhile. But I have been actively adding to youtube. I just recently added about five guitar licks I played on my electric guitar onto my channel. Before that I made a stop-motion film using clay figures about outer space and the devil that was approx. 10 minutes long. These both can easily be navigated to via a link I've posted in the "Video" section on this site.

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June 17, 2014

I saw that Isaac Newton tried to find out when the biblical prophecy was coming by reading the bible in several different languages on the Cosmos show. I was surprised that someone who had made improvements to the telescope, found magnificent properties with the prism, invented Calculus, and defined the laws of gravity would seem to think alchemy was real. I wonder if he went as far as trying to learn Brail to find the secrets of the doomsday prophecy.

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June 04, 2014
My newest book of short stories, that includes several that have never been released, is now available on amazon.com for the Kindle in ebook format. I'll be updating the store accordingly very soon, but here is the link: Noir Paean: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems

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