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March 26, 2013
I searched on google for "Antonio Salieri" and it returned 1.4 million results. Then, I searched for "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" and it returned 15.3 million results. It appears that even deceased Mozart is more popular than Salieri. Although, the famous rivalry depicted in the movie Amadeus is thought to be fictional, so Salieri may or may not be rolling over in his grave now.

March 18, 2013
I created a short 20 question quiz with radio and submit buttons in the stories section called "Nearly Impossible Quiz." After completion it will show the number correct out of the total and then it will show the correct answers.

March 10, 2013
Here's a little secret, or extra info, about the short stories. For my story "Modern Cowboys" I originally was going to have the kid so obsessed with his handgun that in the basement after cleaning his gun, he would masturbate with the same oil he used to clean his gun with, to display his sick obsession with the gun, but I didn't include it because I thought I focused on sex a lot during my stories and comics at that time and wanted to stay away from the subject.

March 05, 2013
I checked the other day about some stats in the stories section. Out of the 103 stories in the story section only 15 have profanity, 34 have images, and the last story was rated in June 2012 as a 3/10.

March 02, 2013

I was just perusing through the latest Simpsons comic. Their Supernova, shortly before the release of their giant 200th issue to be released this month. I noticed they included on the last page a short comic about Homer's head exploding in space. Boy, what a bunch of blockheads! To think; you'd have to be totally ignorant of chemistry and physics to think that blood would be red in a vacuum!

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February 22, 2013
I've switched over ads on the homepage to Google Adsense. The old company I used, AdBrite, has shutdown and sold all their assets so hopefully I will get a check with everything they owe me. I was thinking about trying to hire a business litigation lawyer to sue them, since they owe a lot of people money, but I think they are in the process of getting all that done. They owe some people over a thousand dollars so they are more worried about that than the measly $20 they owe me. Hopefully, they won't file bankruptcy and from the forums that I've read they haven't yet filed. I'll follow up with them and see what happens. A lot of people were complaining that they never got paid from AdBrite and it was a scam. Maybe it was owned by Bain Capital.

February 17, 2013
I usually stop by the comic book store every week or two and look around at the stacks. It's hard to try and pick something that will be good. Most of the major titles that have been around have very good drawing, but the story is rubbish. A lot of indie stuff that comes in is original and exciting, but not always drawn the best. So I try and find something well-drawn and entertaining, or humorous. There's a pornographic comic book that is advertised as selling better than Spawn so we "shouldn't be ashamed to purchase it." I did go ahead and buy it and it was better than Spawn, but it was still pretty boring and predictable. Most of the humor in it was unintentional.

February 03, 2013

The latest comic I put up is a spoof on Kay Jeweler's "open heart" collection.

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January 16, 2013
The government is trying to ban assault weapons, buying out all the ammunition so we can't get any, trying to take away our second amendment rights even after reading that Benjamin Franklin quote and they still are allowing Chuck Norris to have his fists. What? This is an outrage!

January 07, 2013
I asked the Yahoo! Answers community how they feel about my stuff. 3/3 said my comics weren't funny and 1/2 people liked my stories. So there's where I stand with folks. Honestly, I probably wouldn't care much for their sense of humor either.

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