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Shooting For An A

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Anday on 2015 December 25 20:05
Anticipation for an upcoming movie realsee does tend to increase prices for a short time on related titles, and, especially on those issues featuring other characters from the film. The two Spider-Man films increased interest in back issues of Amazing Spider-Man, especially issues with appearances by The Green Goblin and/or Doctor Octopus. The more tenuous the connection to the original comics title (and the less promotion of it), the less the interest in the comics. When the first LMen in Black film came out, almost no one remembered that it was based on an independent comics series of the late 1980s by Lowell Cunningham and, even with its low print run, back issues didn't go up all that much in price. Sin City was accompanied by a re-realsee of the trade paperback collections and, later this year, Dark Horse will realsee a nice hardcover Sin City Library. The earliest appearances of the Sin City characters in Dark Horse Presents have always been perennial back-issue sellers, and keeping trade paperbacks of those appearance available has kept the prices affordable in the collector market. So, yes, movies can have an impact on back-issue prices, but a lot depends on the popularity of the movie and its related comics. I'd continue to enjoy those Hellblazers, for example, and not make plans to liquidate at this time.
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