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Since I borrowed this image and edited it under the GNU free documentation license, anyone is allowed to use this image that I edited so as long as they follow the guidelines of the GNU free documentation license. GNU free documentation license. This is the only comic on this site I haven't copyrighted, but if you e-mail me for permission I'm sure I'll let you use one, so as long as it is for non-profit use.

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Hannah on 2016 June 20 07:25
Your answer lifts the ineletiglnce of the debate.
Tashi on 2012 May 14 01:19
I love this! I've worked on a farm since I was 11. It's all too true that peploe have no idea where their food is coming from. At the farmer's markets that I do, I have customers come up to me all the time to say I realized I need to think about what I'm feeding myself and my family,' and they start asking questions. That's one of my favorite parts of my job.
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