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Large Breasted

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Yhang on 2015 November 28 20:06
I must be in the minority, but I pfreer your illustrations to be static rather than in movie form. Something about being able to scroll at my own time and really appreciate each picture's awesomeness.But it was still lovely. :-) My parents have 3 cats - one thinks he's a dog, one is your normal skittish kitty, and one is possessed by Satan on a regular basis. The second will do things like your video when she really really really doesn't want to be held (whatareyoudoingLEMMEGOLEMMEGOLEMMEGOIHAVECLAWSSUCKA!), and the demonic one when he feels like it (oh, you're petting me lovingly because I walked up next to you? HISSSSSSSSSSSSS). The one that thinks he's a dog will walk outside on a leash and runs to the door when people come. Go figure.
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