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:. March 02, 2013

I was just perusing through the latest Simpsons comic. Their Supernova, shortly before the release of their giant 200th issue to be released this month. I noticed they included on the last page a short comic about Homer's head exploding in space. Boy, what a bunch of blockheads! To think; you'd have to be totally ignorant of chemistry and physics to think that blood would be red in a vacuum!

However, perhaps from the oxygen tank it would still have enough oxygen in the vicinity and veins to be red. Blood is always transporting oxygen around so I think it would be red on the inside as well. If I cut off the circulation to my hand it would begin to get darker and bluish. I should do an experiment with this. There's ways to remove oxygen from the air, but I hear haemoglobin also transports oxygen.

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