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:. May 26, 2013

Vietnam War was more than one country at war and fought on more than one hemisphere it was a world war. The Cold War was also more than country and follows these guidelines. Persian-Gulf wars and any wars thereafter involving more than one country will be world wars. From history - video, audio, textual accounts we know they were fought using more than sticks and stones. Therefore, Einstein was wrong and the destiny of all who were wrong and have his reputation - a high functioning genius who made a mistake.

Seriously, am I the only one who noticed this? People are so enamored by his honorable life that none that I know of have had the courage to name a third world war. In fact, people suspect that he was prophesying an end to all civilization and society as we know it by this one silly quote, which he probably said to remind people it wasn't the first time people resorted to violence and warfare to try and solve things and the solution wasn't pretty; and we give him credit to do so by not calling previous wars which fit the criteria a world war because it is written so. In my book there has been at least 2-4 other wars that could be called world wars. The man was wrong. Deal with it.

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