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:. July 29, 2013

Well, just recently I made a comic about presidential memoirs. I had originally meant to have the professor give them a C- (passing), but instead boldly gave them a D (unsatisfactory). Presidential memoirs are criticized for not being self-critical enough. Of course, a problem that I lack. When I get a D, after blaming the textbook, giving it a bad review on Amazon, and sometimes even going on ratemyprofessor.com I'll begin to look at what I could have done better, which sometimes is obvious but other times is very confusing seeing as I do study for the exams and do their study guides beforehand. Although, the subjects I struggle with don't have multiple choice tests, but are usually grad level courses where I'm supposed to understand the subject better than the geniuses who figured it all out to begin with.

Even though I haven't yet read a presidential memoir I have read a few of the reviews on amazon of the most recent presidents, including Bill Clinton, whom I thought wrote the English equivalent title of Mein Kampf, but actually kampf is German for struggle, not life. Interestingly, every single president from Ulysses S. Grant onwards has written a presidential memoir, except JFK, Jr., whose life was tragically cut short by a disgruntled marine, yet I still hear to this day conspiracy theories about his assassination. Anyways, that's my input about the subject. So much for trying to discover the artist's intentions on your own, like a mysterious painting, sculpture, or collage.

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