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:. November 06, 2014

Another comic up. I did this one about a little red book. Not a little red book, but THE little red book, as in the one old Mao Zedong handed out to everyone in China as propaganda.

Fortunately, nothing has happened as terrible on the western hemisphere of the world, at least not in USA the last century, except for maybe the Great Depression and I don't know how other governments explain that to their citizens around the world. My recent fascination stems from trying to learn Mandarin Chinese, so I've tried to understand at least a handful of events over there so I would be able to travel decently, or read their news or something clearly.

I don't think this comic was racist since I've learned quite a bit about China during the last year or so. I just wish it was a more pleasant place to learn about. I mean with Japan they gave us the Honda and all those video game systems including Mario and Sonic. What has China given us besides cheaper products?

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