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:. December 02, 2014

I picked up Archie no.36 today. They followed what a lot of superhero comics have in the past done by killing of a major character. Kind of odd for Archie since he lives in a peaceful universe, unlike the consistently war-torn lives of superheroes. I've read death of Superman and remember when Batman broke his back from Bane. Marvel just released a series of the death of Wolverine. I've seen Hal Jordan from Green Lantern die and come back from the underworld. Not sure about Spiderman, Ironman, or any of the other hundreds of variants, but they've probably tried it once.

Of course the indie turned Image comics had Spawn, but he was more undead than dead. Didn't really follow anything else from that publisher. Anyways, hopefully death of Archie or Life With Archie, as it's titled, will be interesting.

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