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:. September 29, 2015

I wanted to make a small comment on the AshleyMadison thing. Most of the heat about the issue has died down. The media isn't covering the story and no one was really ever caught in the entire scandal as far as the hackers who did it. They claimed they were Robin Hooders, only in it for helping out the little guy and no personal motivation whatsoever. They wanted to expose the unfaithful cheaters on the website who were being dishonest spouses. Yet, at the same time they were breaking the law and refused to reveal their identities.

It doesn't surprise me that ESPN broadcasters were on the website, or people who were counseling couples in relationships had accounts. I don't really take sides on this issue. I've studied computer science and one of the breakthrough fields isn't slut-shaming a community of perverts. There's robotics, AI, self-driving cars, Virtual Reality, a new generation of video game systems just got released, etc. Making everyone feel guilty for breaking their marriage vows is only a small hiccup in infidelity. It existed two millenia ago and will most likely exist two millenia in the future. But in the future people will be cheating on their robotic spouses. Let's all get robots in our households before we worry about petty human affairs. Evolution is going to improve in machines. Humans have been de-evolving for too long and can't handle self-improvement.

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