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:. September 20, 2016
I read online that Weird Al asks for permission before parodying most of his creative work. This kind of bothered me and I thought I should mention it. First off, I'm a Weird Al fan and like his music even if he decided to play the accordion. I think if someone made every precaution there's bound to still be someone unhappy. Perhaps they feel they deserve not only be asked before being made fun of but also a gift, and I've made efforts to reduce mocking people and instead generic types of people instead, other than not really posting any new content in six months. So.. I've tried many times to make the site relevant. There's no way I can possibly assume that I could even get in touch with the people I've included in this site, because their info is most likely not in public directories but also that they would even care to respond does not necessarily seem likely. Also, I wanted to try and make the site relevant like I said so they would have to respond in a timely manner, such as before a giant blockbuster hit was being released, or some major political event. It's just not reasonable to me I think, even though he's a very courteous artist.

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