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Aliens Landed

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     A boy whose name was common, unimportant, and frequently forgotten saw a flash of lights from his bedroom window, then heard a thud somewhere in the distance. Unable to sleep he arose from his soft bed to peek out his window and look into the distance from where the sound came from. Putting on a red, warm sweatshirt he cracked his bedroom window open and slipped out.

     It was dark and the grass was damp and he knew his house well and the woods surrounding it. It was a suburban town and very implemented with nature before it was edited by humans. His parents frequently gloated that suburbia was a lovely place to raise a family. His father frequently slipped out during the evenings to fornicate with transexual prostitutes and denied any hint of infidelity to his distant and beauty-faded wife. She had a habit of carefree shopping and would often run the credit card to the limit. Their son was left in front of the television when both of them left the house without giving the child an explanation or telling the child something different from the truth.

     The boy marched, out of step, to the landing spot where the light and sound and mystery lay. Mystery excited the boy and he was curious about a great many things. His parents heard of them occasionally and each parent handled hearing this differently.

     His father laughed at hearing a curiosity of the way physics worked. "Don't worry about such things," he said. "You will go into your father's business and make a lot of money. A beautiful wife awaits you," and then he would wink. The boy was uncomfortable with his fathers winking habit and often thought his father was leading him in the wrong direction.

     His mother rarely quenched the boy's dream. "You don't need to follow in your father's footsteps," she would say. "Find what you love and happiness will follow." She often disagreed with her husband and encouraged the boy. This frustration fueled his rage and he retaliated and vindicated himself by pounding his cock into the anus of a ladyboy. She, in return, ocassionally and purposefully, indulged on buying things she didn't need.

     After trampling a tulip and unknowingly killing a cricket the boy arrived at the landing site, which was a crash landing of an UFO. Two creatures sat on an overturned log that was ripped from the ground by their vehicle. One resembled a human - approx 4 feet tall, no hair, two eyes, a nose, and mouth with blue skin. The other resembled an insect with a hard exoskeleton.

     "Hi," said the child.
     They turned.
   "Hello," replied the aliens. "Yes, that right there is intelligent life in the universe. Stand in awe."
     "I always suspected," said the boy.
     The hard shelled one responded. "I doubt this one is a scientist. He's too short."
     "Perhaps a midget?"
     "Doubtful. No facial hair and high pitched voice. It is not mature yet."
     The human-like creature rubbed its chin. "I have studied your species briefly. Did you know that both of our species," he pointed to his partner, "have no gender? At the time of our death our reproductive organs use up all of our reserve energy and spawn a new offspring. No problems with overpopulation and the miserable dating process is eradicated." The boy stood up, unable to comprehend what they said. "Girls are yucky."
     "Yes, quite immature," the insect-like creature agreed.
     "Let's just use the high grade fuel," said the other. "We could be in danger if we don't leave soon. If we leave without a world crisis and alerting everyone it will be a miracle."
     "I agree." Then they departed.

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