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Booty Call [IMG]

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     It was 2A.M. Rick got a text on his phone. It was from Cindy. Every once in awhile she called to hook up. Lately she just wanted to know how Rick was doing. She was bugging about wanting a new boyfriend. "how r u" it read. Rick got excited and gave her a call.
     "What's up babe?"
     "Uh not much. Hey do you know how to change a tire?"
     "Uhh yeah it's pretty easy. I can lead you through it."
     "Are you busy?"
     "Well I was having a drink and checking some baseball stats."
     "Can you come help me?"
     Rick took a sip from his beer. "Yea I suppose. Where are you?"
     "At home. It's been flat a couple days, but I was still driving on it. I was going to take it in this weekend."
     "Hey babe you're not supposed to do that. I'll be over soon."
     "Ok. Stay on the phone I want to talk to you."
     "What do you want to talk about?"
     "Tell me about your projects."
     Rick started walking towards his garage. He grabbed a coat. "Well I fixed the fence that was around here. The other one was squeaky so I put some oil on it. I bought some new hose, fixed some broken sprinkler heads..."
     "That's hot," she interrupted.
     "There was some mold on my ceiling so I bought new insulation and redid the dry wall, taped it, and painted it." Rick paused for breath. "Damn neighbors kid broke my window so I replaced it and I built a small greenhouse for some vegetables I want to grow."
     "Oh you're turning me on." Rick began to adjust himself in the car. He was starting to get aroused. "Will you take a look at my shower and tile while you're here? The water is broken and my tile is coming up from the floor."
     Rick became impatient. "You know what, just call triple A. I'm done with regular women. I'm just going to stick with strippers from now on." He ended the call and headed over to Eager Beavers.

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