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Blind Date Parody [*]

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An exuberant young couple eager to let love guide their naive lives meet each other for lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Shannon: Hi, I'm Shannon.
Charles: Hi, I'm Charles Manson.
Shannon: Manson? That's such a mouthful. Do you have a nickname?
Charles: I'd prefer it if you call me Jesus.
Shannon: Can I call you Chuck?
Charles: How did you know where I chucked the bodies?
Shannon: (stares blankly) Gosh it's nice to be on a date and meet new people.
Charles: I feel the same way, except I want to kill them.
Shannon: Oh don't be such a meanie. Anger and resentment is bad. Let's get to know each other. Tell me a little about your background. Tell me about your family.
Charles: Oh, you mean the Manson family? Well, ever since the 1980's the government has been funding a lot of rehabilitation and mental health facilities. People just aren't up to being psychotic murderers anymore. Unfortunately, our family has grown small.
Shannon: Enough about the family. Let's talk about what you like to do for fun.
Charles: Okay. I like to tie people up and then-
Shannon: Cowboys and Indians!
Charles: Yes, would you like to play, Sharon, I mean Shannon.
Shannon: I would love to!
(Shannon was reported missing that night, as well as two of the camera men.)

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