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Fun Things To Do When You're Bored

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Fun things to do when you're bored:

1) Name your child Figaro so that everytime you yell at him you can easily turn it into an opera.
2) Give your buddy's phone number to a gay guy (or girl).
3) For this one it's best to be male or at least shemale. First find a picture of a chicken and rename it to my_hard_cock.jpg and chat away with a girl or your girlfriend on the internet and send her that file. She will think it's your twig n berries when it's really a rooster!!
4) Buy a blowup doll.
5) Take a bath and play with a rubber ducky.
6) Buy a CD with an orchestra and pretend you are the conductor.
7) Marry a woman named Victoria and after the wedding ceremony declare "Victoria es mio!."
8) Go to St. Patrick's Purgatory dressed up as the devil.
9) Go into a sex chatroom and claim that you are bi. When a pervert messages you for gay sex simply mention you are bilingual.

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