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Breaking Bread [IMG]

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The 66 books of the bible give us a clear picture of God. When you have read them even once you will be able to see that a little more. There are a lot of writings in history to supplement and help explain the bible, but only the books in the bible are recognized as those that are inspired by God. Actually the apostles, and early disciples lived quite a long time probably writing countless letters like the epistles. However, when we read the word we become clear that actually it is complete and nothing is missing. There are many writings of the apostles, and disciples, even those of the early churches, and later churches, but the word of God was completed with the book of revelation. No council decided what was in the bible, but at some point a human council formalized what Christians already recognized as the word of God. You could say there was no need for such a council. Even at this time others were trying to add books, but they were mixed and confused about God. You will always find people who are not clear about God and try to make Him in their own image. We take the 66 books of the bible because those before us took them as the word of God. Until we know these books ourselves, as they did, we have to study them. And when we studhy them we become clear about the hidden God, whose intention in creating and striving with man is revealed to those who are willing to make themselves a little foolish and seek Him. 1 Corinthians 1:21 says "for since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the preaching to save those who believe."

The first 2 chapter of 1st Corinthians talk about this. It tells us that God had made it impossible for human wisdom to lead to Him in order to shame those who think they are wiser than God. Our lives run parallel to the existence of God but do not intersect unless we are ready to be reached by God and He is willing. The good news is God is always willing, that's why He has already spoken to us in the bible. This book is inspired by Him, every word, even the words in the bible that are Satan's and Man's words. They are there by God's intention this is why no matter what or where we read in the bible God is in it. We pay a price in coming to the bible because it's not just another book. Actually, sometimes we feel foolish. After all don't we live in the age of the internet? I don't offer any help, but you have to read it, whether you understand it doesn't even matter as much. The act of coming to the bible let's God know where you are at, it tells Him that you are willing to know Him. So when He sees your heart He can operate within you, often imperceptibly, though sometimes very definitively. This operation solves all of our problems. Why does God need to solve our problems? It's just so that he can bring us to a state spiritually where we can come to Him face to face. Everyday I read at least a little bit of the bible, I have had times of clarity where I am before God face to face because if the things he has done in me. But my more common experience is just coming to the bible in faith, knowing that there is a God, trusting that even if I don't sense anything special I still have God's hidden workings as I read the written word in the bible. In our very being we resist the bible because we know that it has something in it which kills the evil nature within us that denies God. Those who are saved have two natures inside of us, one that is born in sin and destined for death, and the other which is born of God and destined for eternal life.

As we read and believe into the bible something of God is enabled to work in us so that eternal life can grow and defeat the other nature of lust and sin that hinders us. We will always have the sinful life from our human birth until the other life we have received at salvation overcomes it. This is why 1 Peter 2:2 tells us "as newborn babies, long for the guileless milk of the word in order that by it you may grow into salvation." Peter is telling us to long for the word of God so we can grow into salvation. Why do we need to long for it? Because it's a fight, it's not free it's not instant and it's not without a struggle. Even as a believer, I find my days filled with fighting to get into the bible. Peter wasn't writing to unbelievers, but to those who had already believed. The bible is a hidden food which is not apprehended with the mind, yet when we read it something mysterious transpires, and if we read it prayerfully, we are brought to God. Outwardly there is nothing here, and everything about believing in God has been counterfeited, so that it is impossible for the mind to find a clear proof of God. There are many other so-called Gods. But there is no book more hard to get into than the bible. Because it is only this book which cuts Satan down. Only the Scriptures, so accessible, and so rarely read by believers and unbelievers alike, hold the secret to God, and God's return. Every part of our being fights against reading the bible, mind, emotion, will. Even our environment distracts us when we start. Yet nothing can change our life except this book. Nothing can give us eternal life except this book. Peter tells us to grow unto salvation through the milk of the word and the lord Jesus tells us that we have to eat Him to live. Well what does eating Jesus (John 6:56) have to do with the word (the bible) that Peter tells us is milk that causes us to grow unto salvation? Well John tells us in John 1:1 that the word is God and that the word became flesh (John 1:14). Not only so but John tells us that in the beginning was the word. That means even when things began this word already existed eternally. So this word of God is God Himself, and also captured in a book as radio waves are captured by a radio receiver. The nature of God is a breath, and the bible according to apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:16 is "God-breathed." When Jesus resurrected from the dead he became a receivable "life-giving spirit" 1 Corinthians 15:45 and in acts, and Romans and throughout the new testament we see that we believe and receive this spirit or breath. In John 20:22 Jesus breathed into His disciples and said receive the Holy Spirit. But though we have received this Spirit as believers because we believed and He caused us to receive, we have many occasions to be confused about our spiritual life and don't know how to live it because it is invisible and mysterious like radio waves.

So God also gave himself to us as the written bible, which is entirely complete. In knowing the bible we grow unto salvation by understanding and being able to know this life within us. We may have once believed in God in our life, but had never taken the proper time to read the owner's manual (the bible) to know what had transpired at our salvation. Much worse, we probably heard a lot of things from well-meaning people, even other Christians, which actually were not scriptural. As a result we never knew what to do with our Christian life. Eventually because we didn't get the right help, from the bible and other Christians, we decided, we didn't actually know if there was anything real in Christianity. It didn't help that we never actually read the bible. The way presented in the bible is that we have salvation from God, and that there is a great purpose. And a great plan. The entire bible is nourishment to cause us to grow unto this salvation. That's what the bible is. Food. For a spiritual life you didn't know you had. This is an imperishable life and eternal life. Because it is just God taken into us mysteriously when we read the bible. God is embodied in the bible, and reading it, and eating it. That is why the bible is the hardest book on the planet to read, and everything in our being resists it: because in it is a life that destroys our fallen and rebellious human life, replaces what is broken in us with God himself, When our heart is open to God he makes his home in it, but God's enemy has already put himself in us so that it is a battle against the arch enemies in our very being. No ground is taken by God without ground being lost by Satan, Gods ultimate goal is to have men who allow God to have all the ground in their heart, so that they an execute God's judgment and cause Him to return. So we see God's ultimate purpose in creating man in Genesis 1:26 to have God's life (image and likeness) and dominion. Then in revelation we see the reality of this vision where God has man who have His life and exercise dominion. These 66 books of the bible are not only complete, but coherent in every way, written by 40 people inspired by God on 3 continents, over 2000 years. You may be able to read other books, but it is this book you cannot touch. God has hidden everything in this text yet who dares to finish it? There are not many things worth doing in such a short life time, but if one claims to give us eternal life, explain our existence, show us our purpose, be our nourishment, healing, enlightenment, encouragement, and salvation why don't more people read it? Well actually the truth is a lot of people spend a lot of time reading the bible. And we try our best to tell others.

by Alfred Mun

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