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Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure [*]

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Bill: You changed over the last couple of months man.
Ted: I have I know. I'm done with women. It's too much effort to get a girlfriend so I just sleep with prostitutes now.
Bill: It's not that hard to get a woman you know. You're just mean and really arrogant so chicks aren't into that.
Ted: I have never been happier in all my life. Now that I'm not trying to impress women I can worry about myself. I don't shave anymore or go out and buy expensive clothes or worry about what I say all the time either.
Bill: Well that is nice, but you also haven't bathed in 2 weeks and you stink really bad. Just because you aren't with a woman anymore doesn't mean you can just ignore your hygiene.
Ted: What are you doing this weekend bro? I want to introduce you to Cindy she is fucking awesome.
Bill: Oh hi Cindy you want me to pay you 40 dollars to sleep with you when you already have been with 10 guys today? No thanks. I think I'll save myself getting AIDs.
Ted: Dude they're tested monthly it's completely safe. Safer than sleeping with bar sluts.
Bill: Well, it sounds like you've done your research. With all the time you've put into becoming a lowlife you could have gotten yourself a girlfriend or at least some nooky from a fat chick.
Ted: Fuck you man. I told you I'm done with bitches. Bugger off I'm big pimping and I'll eat the rest of my lunch alone.

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