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Phone Call

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Based on a real live conversation.

Caller: I want you to talk dirty to me, sweetheart.
Call girl: Ok, so we're in the hot tub together...
Caller: No, tell me about your computer.
Call girl: I've got a 3 Ghz Pentium processor.
Caller: Oh yeah.
Call girl: It's got 800 MB of RAM.
Caller: I'm touching myself.
Call girl: I've got a dual operating system on my computer and one of them is running Linux.
Caller: Have you been naughty with it?
Call girl: Yes. I have tweaked the motherboard to get an extra 200 Mhz processor speed.
Caller: Oh, your bad.
Call girl: I'm putting the male connector into the female connector right now.
Caller: That's hot.
Call girl: Let's talk about sex.

Caller hung up.

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