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Coffeeroom Study [IMG]

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Frank: So I've decided to guard the jewelry at my shop with live King Cobras.
Sam: What's wrong with security cameras?
Frank: Useless. They can still be stolen at night and besides if people want to be burglars they can deal with the wrath of Frank. You want to steal my diamonds buddy try escaping the deadly poison of a Cobra!
Sam: That's sick.
Frank: Their venom is deadly to anyone who gets it in their bloodstream and will be dead in an hour.
Sam: I hope the snake bites you.
Frank: Ha! I have a snake bite kit and remedy.
Sam: I think you've lost it.
Frank: On the contrary, my friend, this will redefine crime. No longer will thieves be worried about jail sentences for stealing thousands of dollars of jewels. Now they will have to worry about survival.
Sam: What if they bring in a mongoose?
Frank: [long pause] I hadn't thought of that. Jeez they'd get away scot free then, wouldn't even have to go to jail since I sold all my security devices to purchase these snakes. You're the only one who's brought that to my attention. Don't tell anyone!

Later that night Sam broke into Frank's jewelry store with a mongoose and after the mongoose paralyzed the king cobra snake Sam took a small percentage of Frank's assets, $15,000, then showed up to a ballroom party a week later and greeted Frank with a brand new Italian suit.
Sam had a large smile on his face when seeing Frank. Frank said in response, "eff you, you owe me fifteen grand."

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