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Dance Dance Generation

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     Danny walked up to the Dance Dance Revolution machine, he gave Mindy and Susie a kiss on the cheek. They were his 2 best fans. Immediately prepared, he set his bag of quarters next to the machine and glided onto the DDR pad. Mindy put in 4 quarters and Danny raised his arms in the air preparing for the music like an ice skater.

     Boom! The music began and he raised his chin from his chest on the same beat. Like a beautiful lily blossoming he slammed his foot upon each button. Perfect! Excellent! echoed from the screen simultaneously with each step. A crowd formed becoming bewildered as the high scores were quickly being destroyed.

     As Danny completed the tenth song on hard he put his arm around Mindy and Susie and strutted off the pad. Chad, another competitive DDRevolutioner, approached him. "Excuse me, man. What do you think you are doing?"

     "My friend I'm simply raising the high scores to my standards," replied Danny without even turning around to acknowledge Chad.

     "Well, man, your standards aren't welcome here."

     Danny stopped in his tracks. "Are you challenging me, punk?"

     "Why yes, I think I am."

     "Well are you? Don't think you are. Know you are."

     "Yea, man." They both stepped onto their appointed pads.

     The music started. Chad's foot moved first. Danny slipped but quickly caught on with the music. He threw in a couple of spins and jumped a couple of times when landing on the buttons which sparked the crowd to give a few cheers. The song had a fast tempo and shot by quickly. Soon five, three, and finally one step left. Tie! Another song: Danny won. Another song: Chad won. Mindy and Susie kissed Danny. Danny won the last round.

     Both sweating they stepped off the pads and shook hands. A faint yellow and purple was seen in the background.

     Chad screamed. "It's Yu gi Oh!"

     Danny jumped in. "Omigod, yeah right!"

     "Yes, that's right duelers. It is I, Yu gi Oh!. Congratulations, Danny that was a difficult duel but you stayed strong in the competition and used your heart to defeat Chad."

     Danny shook Yu gi Oh!'s hand. "Wow, I'm like your biggest fan."

     "Danny. Do you have what it takes to duel me?"

     "No, I can't right now mom's cooking mac n cheese."

     "What if I told you that if you didn't duel me now, I will kidnap your sister."

     "Umm. Well I guess I'd duel then." Music in the background: it's time to d-d-d-d-d-dance.

     Yu gi Oh! defeated both Chad and Danny then he chased them both out of the arcade and took Danny's women.

     Yu gi Oh! left with a final thought. "I keep the high score here. And if you are ever to duel me you should keep one thing in mind: better wear your nike's bro."

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