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How Facebook Can Be a Profitable Corporation to Stockholders

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  1. Allow nude photos and then sell them to advertisers.
  2. Fire programmers and hire Chinese children in factories.
  3. Buy myspace and turn it into a child porn site for pedophiles.
  4. Target known drug dealers and either send them to jail or sell them bath salts.
  5. Forbid NPOs from tooting their "ethical"/hippie behavior and don't let them create stupid Occupy Wall St. groups.
  6. Buy stupid useless companies like Green Peace or Habitat for Humanity and turn them into giant poaching corporations that illegally get Rhino horns and elephant tusks.
  7. Begin using Java applets, but really have them be rootkit viruses that turn machines in mass e-mail hosts that spam penis enlargement ads to the whole world.
  8. Allow hateful and dangerous special interest groups like NAMBLA or KKK, etc. because they are just more pages for advertisers to make a profit on.

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