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The Feud

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     Donny Osmond approached the center of the stage.

Donny: Welcome to the feud!
[applause] Donny: Tonight we have the Johnsons and the Sybexes. Please approach the podium for the first topic.
     A thin blonde haired woman approached the podium and also a morbidly obese brown haired man with a wrinkled long sleeved collared shirt.
Donny: The topic is where men are the happiest.
     The woman slammed her hand on the buzzer.
Johnsons: At home with their wives!
Donny: Oh I'm sorry Ms. Johnson that is not one of the answers. You get one guess Mr. Sybex.
Sybexes: Strip clubs.
Donny: Yes, that's correct!
Sybexes: We'll play.
Donny: We surveyed 100 people who chose three answers. One answer is guessed. All you need is two to win the game.
Sybexes: I'm going to guess a library?
Donny: Oh I'm sorry. Not one of the answers. Ms. Sybex do you know where men are happy?
Sybexes: I'm going to guess church Donny.
Donny: That is also incorrect. Your family already has two strikes and can't get anymore wrong.
Sybexes: A whorehouse?
     Ding ding!
Donny: That's correct! Now only one answer is left. Do you know where men are happiest?
     Donny stood in front of a burly man who had on an ironed shirt and slicked his black hair back.
Sybexes: The gym.
Donny: No, I'm sorry that's wrong. [He walked over to the other family]. If you get this choice right you enter the final round.
Johnsons: We are guessing at a fundraiser or charity organization Donny.
Donny: Oh I'm sorry. The Sybexes win! Please show me the final answer. [Board flipped over final answer.] And the last answer given by our survey is Hooters.

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