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Fisher of Hot Chicks

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Don Juan: Hey, what's up? I have a 1.6 GPA and I think you and I would go together great.
Sammie: Why's that?
Don Juan: Would you argue with someone who is right 60% of the time?

Don Juan: Man, I can't believe I got shot down again. This is the third time this week.
Guy: Good. Now you can focus on other areas of your life. Try working a couple extra hours and making more money. Then you can afford to vacation with my wife and I this summer.
Don Juan: You and your wife? No thanks. I just need to figure out how I can target this demographic and manuever my way in.
Guy: This whole stupid idea of yours to get laid every night is pathetic and adolescent. Lately, you have been about as exciting to talk to as a potato.
Don Juan: What!!?? I'm full of clever jokes and anecdotes.
Guy: You mean like that stupid Jesus joke.
Don Juan: That was great!
Guy: Put down that fishing rod and I'll teach you to be a fisher of hot chicks. Ha ha. Pathetic.
Don Juan: You just need to loosen up a little.
Guy: Hardly.

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