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Essai du pouvoir absolu

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Essai du pouvoir absolu pour Maximilien de Robespierre. Traduit en l'anglais.

"To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity."

     In my youth I supported liberty over tyranny, preferred prosperity and equality to a society divided by wealth, and did not encourage countries exerting their laws onto other nations by force. However, after recently being elected the king of France President of the National Convention myself after King Louis XVI was tried and executed I have changed my mind about political ideology. I much adore the idea of absolute power. John Locke was a fool. Thomas Hobbes an idiot. Montesquieu a ray of stupidity. Immanuel Kant was all the more handicapped mentally than the previous. You see when I supported revolution and dissent previously it was because I was the dissenter. Now, after having obtained leadership I see no reason to change things. I even listen to people intently as if I take their suggestions seriously. Nothing will change and I only seek to increase my security. Opposition and insolence only interfere with the comforts of the position I hold. You see I once spoke of love, but now I prefer terror. Before I saw that members of government occasionally used fear when disagreed with and that was wrong. Well, now if they disagree then mind their own business. Ruling has little to do with the citizens of the country. We are nationalists. More taxes. Less work from me. Hell, I even executed the executioner after he executed hundreds of men over the course of a week and got away with it. What a bunch of idiots. They just lined up waiting for their death as if there was any justice in it. I got a good laugh out of that. They didn't even run, or protest!

     Verily I say unto you all liberty is illegal. I confide in you fellow wretched sinners that the son of God is our only savior and passage to eternal salvation. May the words of Rosseau shine brightly through the night and comfort the weak.

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