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Hack of Shame

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Hacking shame of October, 2016. The recently hired Russian foreign-exchange student from the former Soviet states, whom we suspect is behind the recent despotic and disturbing messages recently sent, has gone missing, but we have sketched a drawing of what we suspect he looks like.

How he came to these pathetic and brief political onslaughts is unimportant. What is important is how he gained root priviledges after only being granted temporary account on the server. We will temporarily leave up the rude comments so that people can see what holes in security software can lead a malicious hacker to post.

We suspect the most likely issue is that he used a Javascript SQL-injection to temporarily spoof a root account on the Twitter webosphere, allowing him to post several comments in the past week. This security flaw in Twitter is most likely from them storing passwords either in plain-text or low-level encryption on their databases, and not installing the latest version of whichever database and web languages that they use to run their website.

We hope that Twitter and all social media connected to our website is up-to-date with the latest security patches, and steps are taken to monitor or flag accounts and messages that may be considered vitriolic, yet at the same time not interfering with freedom of thought and speech.

Here were the tweets he sent out to several military bases on the Western coast:
1) "Please negotiate with military bases on the east coast to send troops and attack Capital Hill and the White House if the G.O.P. and Republican party continue to support colonial efforts in the middle-East by force."
2) "Attack the Pentagon
3) "Allahu Akhbar"
1) "Every libtard political pundit who supported the 2012 presidential election should be lobbed by fresh turds."
2) "Gay marriage and marijuana legalization will ruin this country"

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