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Highschool Reunion

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     There was a light breeze in the evening air. A teenaged valet took the car keys of all the guests. Everyone hurried inside. The valedictorian was about to speak at the first high school reunion since graduation class of 1998.

     "Sure, life has been good to me. I was accepted at one of the top ten schools in the nation and make six figures a year, but things weren't always easy. I didn't drop out of college to date a 16 year old hippie who doesn't shave her armpits like Josh. I didn't suck dick for heroin like Mike or become a prostitute like Lauren. And for some reason there have always been some who wanted to beat me up. Can you believe that? I never understood it. But I don't think I'm better than anyone else. Sure I may have custom tailored Italian suits, the latest Mercedes, maids, and a beautiful wife, but that doesn't bring happiness. Have a great night everyone. Get to know some old friends. Oh and I know I said there would be alcoholic beverages, but I found out that 70% of you are recovering alcoholics so I just made some fruit punch."

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