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Jesus [IMG]

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     The phone rang and Blake flipped it up.


     On the other side of the line was a man working for Blake. He was calling on a cellular phone returning from Mexico into the United States. "Blake."

     Blake immediately recognized the voice. "Did you get the guy?"

     "Yeah, we found him. I've got him with one of my boys in Texas. He's about an hour out from you. Pick him up and he's yours from there."

     Blake smiled. "That's good, I was e-mailed with everything I need to know about the guy. Apparently, the guy goes by the name of Jesus. One of those Manson followers no doubt."

     Robert didn't understand how Jesus was connected to Manson, but gave him directions nonetheless.

     Blake was told to look for a large building with a giant "t". He eventually came up to the location. The building was fifty feet high and one story. The architecture amazed him, after entering the building from a long sidewalk he approached an even larger auditorium. There was a row of benches on both sides of him separated by a red carpet. The red carpet led to a deceased man hanging on another letter "t". He couldn't understand the significance of this letter.

     The room was so gigantic and the ceiling so far from the ground that he felt small and weak, despite his aggressive attitude and brute philosophy. He began to walk down the red carpet in no hurry, bedazzled by the stained glass windows.

     A man in a white dress approached him."Is there something you're looking for, sir?"

     "Yeah, friend of mine tells me you got Jesus. Where can I find him?"

     The man in the white dress nearly became confused at such a simple question, once he realized Blake was serious he did his best not to judge. "You've come to the right place, follow me and we can talk."

     Blake wondered how big his organization was to buy a pad as large as this. "He's probably got his connections," he thought to himself. "Mayors, lawyers, police, and maybe even a senator." He looked again at the queer attire the man was wearing. "And all from sodomizing his way to the top."

     The man in the white dress led Blake into a small office and offered him to sit down. Blake was still astonished how this man worked everything here. He was polite, elegant, well-read, clean shaven, and probably didn't even have a gun on him.

     "I'm pleased you have chosen our institution to express your faith in God."

     "No, the dude I'm looking for is Jesus."

     "Yes, of course." The man in the white dress responded.

     Blake couldn't hide his curiosity in the money this man was bringing in. "Look we are both businessmen, how the heck are you bringing in this much dough? Am I really missing out on this much money by not soliciting to homosexuals?"

The man in the white dress was disturbed by Blake's profanity. He only tolerated his insincerity because a man who wore a suit casually was generally wealthy and would go on the special charity list for big donators. "Well, sir. Kind members of the local community donate a few dollars each week in their appreciation of the Lord and of our deliverance of His word. Charities are collected in a basket each week."

     Blake couldn't keep himself seated, his mouth flew open and his eyes opened with amazement. He began to clap for the man in the white dress in congratulations. "Well done, well done. Never would I believe a man to buy his castle by passing around a picnic basket. I have to strangle my community to get them to pay and here you are in this mansion living like a king. They even come to you to pay each week!" He was excited, not only did he get to take care of Jesus, but he was going to discover a new business technique in the process. "So tell me man, how the heck do you do it?"

     The man in the white dress wasn't on the same page as Blake. "Well-"

     "You must've got those guys scared out of their minds. I salute you." Blake made the gesture to tip his hat. "Please, let's discuss it while you show me Jesus."

     The man in the white dress felt Blake was confused about Jesus. Blake was in a hurry to see him, as if maybe he was present in the back room. So he took a moment to explain himself. "Sir, Jesus is not a person like you or I, he is not of flesh and blood. Instead, he holds a place in all our hearts."

     Blake understood, Jesus has already been murdered. He was disappointed that Robert disobeyed his orders, he made it clear that Jesus stay alive. It was however now a crime that couldn't be linked back to himself. Robert would be dealt with by a cut in commission and a beating. I'd better be careful, he thought looking once more at the man in the white dress. He may act like a floozy and dress like a gay, but he is as cold-blooded as any man.

     "So, you took care of Jesus?" he asked.

     The man in the white dress smiled at what he thought was a joke. "Jesus has been gone quite some time. The only remembrance we have of him is a statue. I'm sure you saw it on the way in. Let me show you."

     He led Blake to the man dead on the "t". Blake thought to himself, how odd that they'd idolize some junkie.

     "Blake!" a man yelled from one of the wooden benches.

     Blake didn't at first recognize the man and was angry that a crack head would follow him all the way here for a hit. "Who the heck are you?"

     "Robert sent me. I'm the guy with Jesus."

     "Who the heck is Jesus, I'm looking for Jesus."

     The man on the wooden bench became puzzled and corrected him. "Dude it's pronounced 'hay-zoos'."

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