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Modern Cowboys

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     A young boy named Benjamin sat in his basement cleaning his handgun. Often times he ventured down here to do his homework and was left alone for hours unbothered. I am his trusty lab rat simply called A. Bejamin can see me and hear me, but he doesn't understand I can understand his actions and words and have a tremendously wonderful writing style. Unfortunately, I am mute, but I doubt anyone would listen to me anyways since I have an annoying obsession with this exercise wheel in my cage.
     Benjamin is an above average teenager. He studies too hard and is dealing with issues realizing his family would like him to be very successful. Lately, he has kept himself in isolation and had trouble keeping friendships. The handgun has been like a drug for him and he feels powerful holding it in his hands. This is his last year in highschool and he is old enough to purchase a gun as an adult. Here he comes to put me in his bag before leaving to school.

April 4th, 2010
     It is dark in this bag and cramped with all these books and his handgun next to me. If I was him I would have left all these heavy textbooks at home or simply used a laptop to write notes and carried it with something that had wheels. I suppose laptops are so light nowadays that they can be carried without using too much muscle.
     "Fuck. School is closed today. Why don't those idiots tell us when we have a day off?"
     Benjamin set this bag in the passenger seat in his car and drove back home. He put on the radio and sang along with the lyrics. Finally, he came to a stop and turned off the engine. "Oh yeah that's right today is Easter. Of course there is no school." Benjamin carried the backpack and I into the house.
     "What are you doing up so early?" asked his father.
     "I forgot today was Easter and we don't have class."
     "Today is also Sunday. Are you feeling okay?" his father said in a condescending tone.
     "Yes, I'm just stressed from all this studying."
     "Just try and relax." If I was Benjamin I would relax by playing the flute or getting a massage.
     "Alright I'll take it easy and play a video game."
     After taking a nap, Benjamin pulled me out of his backpack and into another cage in his room. He turned on one of his favorite videogames, Red Dead Revolver, and began to shoot everything visible on a wide screen. The game sounded very realistic, although everything was in gray. I suppose evolution doesn't feel it worthwhile to give me cones.
     Somehow, I fell asleep yesterday and only woke up to be carried again in his backpack. His gun is still here next to me. Perhaps he has gun practice today at school.
     "May I go to the bathroom?" Benjamin asked.
     "After I finish this chapter we will have a small break and you may go then," his teacher replied.
     I could hear the rushed scribbling pencils of the students around him and low whispers of students behind him trying not to be heard by the teacher.
     "Is Jenna going out with Mark?" I heard.
     "Yes, they are going to see a movie this weekend together."
     Benjamin didn't have a girlfriend and he would often chat with strange women on the internet when not playing video games. He only gave me a small ration of food to nibble on today. I guess I should think positively. My siblings are forced to endure scientific experiments such as solving mazes or growing human ears on their backs. Finally, the teacher finished lecturing and let the students out on break. Benjamin took his backpack and I into the bathroom. He checked the stalls to see that no one else was around and then, afterwards, felt safe that he was alone.
     He pulled out the .9mm Beretta pistol and began to pose in front of the bathroom mirror. Unexpectedly, another student barged in while Ben was posing, catching a glympse at his weapon.
     "Omigod, were you about to shoot up the school?"
     "No," he hid the gun behind his back. "What gave you that idea?" he asked nervously.
     "Don't be afraid. Look," he said lifting his shirt to reveal a Smith & Wesson.
     "Wow," Ben replied. "I thought I was the only one who wanted to kill everyone."
     "Me too!"
     A young girl opened the bathroom door. "I heard you outside." They both pointed their guns at her.
     "Don't kill me. I was just hoping you'd activate some alarm so we can finally get a day off. I have a test tomorrow and haven't studied."
     "I'll kill her," said Ben. "The .9mm Beretta is a much better pistol."
     "I disagree," said the gun-holding stranger, turning around. "While the Beretta is very popular and more widely used my Smith & Wesson is more powerful." The door swung open and the girl escaped.
     Ben changed his stance so he was facing the stranger. "Perhaps there is only one way to settle this - a duel."
     "Yes, I accept your challenge. We shall meet at the park near the library at sunrise tomorrow."
     "That sounds marvellous, but I make one request. I would like Frederic Chopin's Funeral March to be played at the loser's funeral."
     "Agreed. It will be your death so it suits that you choose the requiem."
     "A bit cocky, aren't we?"
     With that unanswered question they parted. I never did see Benjamin again after that day and I heard through loud arguing that he and the other student were arrested.

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