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Numero Uno

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     The teacher opened the class with a few slides on single-celled organisms. "Does anyone know what this is called?"
     "That's an amoeba," blurted out Frank. Tom, frustrated, spoke. "Are you mad?"
     "What?" Frank said in confusion.
     "You spoke without being called on you fool. You have broken our classes norms you punk. Do you think you can just go around breaking all the rules as you please?"
     The teacher interrupted him. "Please Mark I think he was just-"
     "No professor." (Mrs. Lamm was actually working part-time and not a full-time professor yet, but in the heat of the moment let it slide). "I will defend your honor. Stand up Frank and fight me."
     "Yes. Be a man."
     "No. I won't sink to your level."
     "Coward. By not fighting you have already admitted defeat. I will post your failure on the halls of this school."

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