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Observations [IMG]

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     What's the deal with the pizza guy always opening the box of pizza to show it to me? We're both law abiding citizens and this isn't a drug deal. I can verify the pizza myself. Thank you.

     I've always wanted to take advantage of the silent etiquette in a movie theatre. I'd like to just let a big fart rip so everyone around me hears. I wonder if they would say anything. And if they did I'd totally shush them.

     These British palace guards have got to have one of the toughest jobs out there. I'd never work anywhere I wasn't allowed to show emotion. Smiling and laughing is just too important to me. Even bums have that liberty.

     I think the government should regulate the amount of girlfriends Hugh Heffner has. Hot, attractive women are so rare that when five are taken away the straight male community really feels the blow. Especially if the girl came from a small town.

     Ever hear of wireheading? It's where electrons are put inside the pleasure centers of the brain to release large amounts of dopamine. When tested on rats they preferred it to food, sleep, and sex. I'd like to give it a try. I'm a little afraid of the addiction level, but it definitely sounds like it's worth a try. Sure beats Disneyland. I guarantee if this was marketed we would have an even lazier society. I need to talk to a psychiatrist about getting this procedure.

     Everytime I enter a chatroom I always envision a guy walking up to a girl in a social event and saying "What's up baby? I got a 13-inch cock. Wanna watch me beat off in the janitor's closet? Come on baby I'm horny."

     Is there a reason why pot isn't legal everywhere? I don't buy that excuse that it affects brain development in children and young adults because I grew up with it illegal and there wasn't a surplus of geniuses in my class. In fact, whoever wanted it, got it. Simple as that. Illegal or not.

     I liked school's idea of asking my parents about our family background, but I asked too many questions and it back-fired and blew up in my face. Same thing with American history.

     I'd have a lot of respect for a teacher that all of a sudden just refused to teach an entire classroom of students because they would more than likely use that knowledge for ill purposes. We need more teachers like that.

     I once saw a news story where one of the smartest men in the world was interviewed who had an IQ of 180. When asked why he never pursued riches, he replied that money doesn't equal happiness. That made me feel a little better about being poor, but not much.

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