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Old No. 7 [*] [IMG]

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     Two doctors stood inside a laboratory examining subjects behind a mirror that only they could see. Inside the room were two monks in orange robes in chairs with a table in between them. The doctors wore white lab coats and held a clipboard in one arm. An intern came in and viewed the scene. "Now Mr. Ericson pay attention. Right now we have on very mellow music. It is rivers flowing, gentle wind instruments, the sounds of birds singing, and waves crashing on the beach. Observe what happens to these consenting Buddhist monks when we drastically change the style of music." The other doctor who didn't speak changed a dial on the radio. Eminem started blasting out.

I don't do black music, I don't do white music.
I make fight music for highschool kids.

     One of the Buddhist monks got up from his chair. "You thinking about my girl punk?"
     The other monk stood up. "Don't fucking talk to me like you know me."
     "Bitch, we can handle this like some gentleman or we can handle this like some mother fucking gangsters." The other monk took off his robe so he was just in underwear. "Alright, have it your mother fucking way." The Buddhist monks began to fight each other until the doctors switched the music back to mellow rivers flowing. The monks apologized to each other for their violent rage and began to robe again.
     "Interesting," said the intern.

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