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On Subject of Witches

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     "Now if my calculations are correct we just need to rid this witch of its head and a demon will either take its form or pop out of its body where Johnny - who is the descendant of a knight - can defend us and kill the demon. If that does not work Father Clark will do his best to send the demon to Hell." A short pause as the city was in agreement. The woman stood atop a great wooden platform with executioner, priest, knight, and prosecutor.

     "Executioner - off with her head." At first applause. Then silence. Nothing.

     One brave man spoke. "There is no such thing as demons, you are all fools killing away able-bodied townsfolk."

     The prosecutor pointed his finger at the man. "You, sir, are a warlock. Either you used your black magic to rid the demon or transported the demon before we could get our hands on it to make us all look stupid."

     "No," he screamed. "It's not hard to make you guys look stupid. There's just no such thing as demons."

     The four men stood on the large wooden platform with the brave man before them.

     "Executioner - off with his head."

     First, applause. Then silence. Nothing.

     "Was there supposed to be a demon with this one too?"

     The prosecutor glared at the man who dared speak. Then, slowly, the prosecutor grabbed his ream of notes and shuffled through them.

     "Oh, I see," he muttered, tapping his finger on his brow. "Sorry folks. No such thing as demons. I forgot to carry the 6."

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