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     Silvia stepped onto the frame of the second floor of the interior frame of a house in a construction site. The cement had been laid on the first floor, but the entire second floor was just wooden beams. The dry wall hadn't been laid yet.
     "Sorry I'm late there was a robbery at my house and all my clothes and shoes were stolen. The only shoes I had left were an older pair and my feet burst through them." Silvia was a morbidly obese woman. She began to click through her powerpoint presentation so that she was on the correct slide. "I don't even know why we're building this stupid building. We'll all be dead from global warming in a few years anyways," she muttered to herself.
     "Okay, to begin with--"
     The wooden floor supporting Silvia cracked and then broke in half, collapsing beneath her, but leaving her team perfectly safe in chair.
     "Mother of Christ!" she screamed, tumbling down to the first floor.

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