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Psychotic Schizophrenia

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     After you read this story Fred won't be a stranger anymore. He is an average guy of average build who likes a good book once in awhile just like he enjoys the crisp mornings when he puts on a sweater to stay warm for his jog.

     This afternoon, however, he became obsessed with trying to understand the appeal of drinking beer in a bar. He marched over to a local pub he'd been to before to have fish and chips to research this odd phenomenon. He slapped his hand on the counter immediately as he entered.

     "Bartender! I'll take one beer."

     The bartender ignored the rude gesture and poured him one glass of imported beer. It was darker inside and Fred's eyes were still adjusting to the change in light. "Hey look at me everybody! I'm going to drink a beer just like one of the crowd." He lifted the glass up to his face. "Watch me. Oops I'm too stupid to drink and poured it all over my face and body! I must have killed away all my brain cells from heavy drinking. What a silly disaster I have become." He turned to the bartender who was shocked at his display, but altogether amused.

     "Bartender now that I'm drunk I'd better drive home. I drive better drunk! Give me my keys. Oh wait I've got my keys all along."

     Fred stormed out of the bar! A woman was outside smoking. "You, would you like to go in a ride with me in my Hyundai I just paid off?"

     "Fuck no, you nutcase."

     "I don't think that language is appropriate for a bar, but okay." Without losing any speed he headed towards his car. Calm down Fred you are losing control. I should drive over to a school and run over some children. Maybe if there aren't any children out I can drive on campus and run them over like everyone else. No, I shouldn't do that. Boy, I feel like an asshole for making a scene.

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