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How To Create Your Very Own Romance Novel [IMG]

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     Welcome to the world of passionate desire. You will create characters that are irresistible to the attractive women in the story. First, you must begin by making a desirable setting. How about a stranded Island with white sandy beaches? That's probably never been thought of before. Next, create your main character, give him a real unique name to show how special he is. Some of the following are always good: Dante, Fabio, Lucas, George-Michael, Pablo, or John Jacob Jinglehymer Smith.

     After giving him a name you need to find a way to make each of his movements exotic. You'll probably end up with an excessively flamboyant, large chested, long haired, Spanish man who peculiarly has a French accent. That means you're now ready to start the story!

     Okay, you've got your man and his location. What now? Being stranded on an Island you'd think one of the first things he'd do would be searching for food and shelter, then starting a fire to signal a rescue team. But no! Don't be so foolish, this is a romance novel and your character survives solely by his burning passion to make love. You may be wondering right now why this doesn't work for you because you still needed to eat even though you wanted to do some chick at the local club last Friday. Just hope none of your readers ever took a basic biology course.

     You can tell by the size of the main character's chest that he spends all of his spare time at the gym and none is devoted to thought. He survives by getting desperate women to pay his bills, but don't tell your reader this! Instead lead the character on to find a beautiful woman who has miraculously also landed on the same stranded Island.

     Now to end the story! Why do you want to end this passion, you ask? Because you have deadlines to meet and while Romeo is getting laid your girlfriend isn't talking to you until the check's in the mail. Anyway, always end the story with marriage. You may be saying to yourself "this is a good looking guy in his late twenties, he probably does several chicks a month. You'd think he wouldn't settle down for only this average gal." She's been on an Island for weeks and is unattractive without her makeup, smells of B.O., and desperately needs to shave her legs. Well, you see, the answer is right in the question. "You think" is not something the demographic, naive women, do. Good luck!

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