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Faith Wars

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Star WarsAnother Star Wars movie has been announced which will keep us busy, and cause our money to flow freely. If not for the intriguing story line or interesting plot details, at least because of the numerous fans it will surely blow up the box office. Many will go for the thrill of seeing what is next to come in the latest installment of star wars. Though many are curious, might we not be better off watching a Star Wars movie we already own on DVD and forget about what is next? Famously King Solomon once said nothing is new under the sun. Let me guess there will be a bad guy, the bad guy will lose and the good guy will win. In between there will be some flashy sword play, interesting sound effects and a number of well timed explosions. Who really cares about what is next when we already know what is to come.

I think what most of us desire is that for at least an hour or two is two we hunger no longer to know purpose even in our own life. For a moment the eternal is made clear: light an dark will clash in a neon battle against one another until a winner is crowned. This is, after-all, the quest of the ultra-geek and sci-fy friend: to go where none have gone before. I will sadly interrupt to remind you that the newest Star Wars movie is not going where none have gone before. But it may at least allow us to believe in a reality that could be- maybe- but actually totally not. I think the hallmark of sci-fi movies is to take those of us who like to know the specs on the latest phone, latest tv show, latest tech, breaking new, breaking science, breaking politics, and give us a movie that tells us our lives may look nothing like these imagined worlds, but it could be real one day.

I call this the cultural delusion of the hopeful atheist. We who neither believe in God nor could imagine a world in which there is a God go to great lengths to concoct our own worlds where life happens by a stable and nailed down principles. It doesn't matter how absurd the principle, because of the force, some twisting/imagining of particle physics, or something else. Has anyone ever asked why we are so good at imagining Sci-fi? I think if you asked the physicists they would tells you- well actually because that's basically how we come up with our science. We imagine it.

We sci-fi nerds can create and destroy, albeit in mind only, bountiful galaxies with every like or lust we have ever desired. All these great leaps of faith and unsubstantiated hope do cause us to linger on the question of why isn't it easier for us nerds to believe in God. One might says God is a delusion that fascinates others, but I think that something in the very being of the sci-fi nerd resists God. With the Sci-fi nerd especially important is the mind. And the mind is terrified of things that it cannot nail down. Something within says surely if God was real he would make his appearance known to us all, even us personally.

All these reasons are very good. God could be infinitely more subtle. Let us say in theory that such a Higher Being didn't take the way that would be most easily acceptable to our mind. Is this a shocking suggestion? Taking some liberties, let us say a higher being would not choose to got to Fox News and MSNBC. I would suggest it is even possible that God almighty scorned the wisdom of Stephan Hawking. Here is another suggestion for those willing to ponder: How do you prove you are God if you are God? But to make things more difficult, what if you as God have some standards by which you restrict access to the knowing of yourself. Let's say you want every one to know you, but that the entree way is kept secret so only willing people can enter. Only those who know how to pay the price can enter, and those never willing to pay this price cannot enter. Let's say the door hidden, and only if you ask in faith can you enter.

by Alfred Mun

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