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We Don't Need Superheroes as Idols

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     Superheroes are supposed to be greater than heroes. It's suggested in the prefix "super." What's missing is their superior actions. I cannot sit down and hope to expect to hear much wisdom from Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Hulk, or Iron Man.

     If an alien terrorist came to Earth I would appreciate them being halted and arrested. However, here is where the lessons stop. Superheroes are easy as a,b,c. Person or creature tries to conquer the world and inflicts harm in the process. Bad. Superhero stops them. Good. There is nothing more to be learned.

     Things begin to get more complex in Batman. There is another factor involved - insane asylums. Criminals tend to be much more developed and evily intelligent here. This extra factor takes a toll on the Dark Knight's psyche, but it is still good vs. bad at the root.

     Many times we witness superheroes beat villains to a bloody pulp for theft and when there is no evidence of their violent nature. I believe that had they been around in the Middle Ages Robin Hood's "redistribution" idea would not be accepted and he would have joined many of the thugs in the hospital or whatever the medieval equivalent of a hospital was.

     A lot of the powers the heroes gain only compensate for everything they lacked beforehand that can typically be solved without powers. And when the enemies gain equivalent powers it just turns into a ridiculous fight that doesn't prove anything. The idea that the person who can fight better is more righteous is very militant and a little bit psychotic. Genghis Khan conquered much of Europe and Asia under the Mongol empire, but was a ruthless, raping, murderer.

     As a child it was fun to think of a superhuman out to try and improve the world, but they only try and improve things by fighting crime. That's only one issue in politics. Sure, Captain Planet was an environmental activist, but it was a large change from the superhuman police force from the comic book world. There is 2 types of superheroes - Superman and not Superman. The guy has all the powers and is invincible other than that rare radioactive material. The other heroes were just variations.

     A lot of the gods in Greek mythology had powers that let them control nature. Flying, invincibility, speed had been something that was thought of before. Sure the stories are interesting, but they can't replace a good piece of literature. I prefer a great book that accepts human flaws and has the main character struggle to overcome their problems.

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