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The Dating Game

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John and Mark are brothers. Mark, John's older brother, is giving some insight to John for his first date with a girl he met.

Mark: Welcome to the wonderful world of dating John, where one in every five girls responds to your phone calls and emails and if that one in five girl who you are talking with isn't psychotic or morbidly obese you may have a chance of getting a girlfriend.

John: Uh huh.

Mark: But don't start to think about getting happy yet. If you think this is a game where two heads are better than one you're wrong. In fact the sheer mention of sex may land you back in the dugout cleaning towels and jockstraps.

John: But I'm young and I'm too busy to have a girlfriend or even care about the opposite gender for reasons other than sex.

Mark: Ah, John. And that's the catch. God's little curse to us. To get sex by not being too desperate or horny in the process of getting it.

John: Well, I'm a pretty active guy who is constantly in clubs and somewhat popular.

Mark: Yes, but you're not rich.

John: I'm attractive.

Mark: But you're not a model.

John: I'm nice.

Mark: Translation: "pussy".

John: (sighs) How do I get over these huge humps?

Mark: Well, there is always Fistina and Palmela.

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