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The Dungeon Library

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     "That is the end of lecture for the first day of class. Make sure you grab Barnum's American History 1776-1860." Chad, Rebecca, and Tony quickly packed their notebooks in their bookbags. The other children hurried out of class. Staying in class after the bell rang was a major faux pas and everyone fled like the building was on fire.
     The three of them had a long enough break between classes to not have to worry about being late. They headed over to the library to get the required textbook. Two uninformed men brushed by them almost knocking Tony over.
     "What was that?" Tony said angrily.
     "That," replied Rebecca,“ was the fat police. The way this school wins so many athletic competitions is by watching their athletes diets. They pretty much can't even eat anything at the cafeteria. Michael Phelps may have won 13 gold medals stoned, but you can bet he wasn't drinking any soda."
     Tony gained his composure and the three entered the library.
     "Excuse me, ma'am. Will you tell me where this book is?" He pushed a piece of paper towards her with the title of the book.
     "Basement level 5. I wrote down the call number for you."
     "Thank you," he said. She moved her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose.
     "You're welcome."

     "Basement level 5? I didn't know the elevators went down that low," said Rebecca.
     "They don't," added in Tony. "We have to take the stairs."
     All three were silent for a bit before entering the staircase. Rebecca initiated conversation, feeling uncomfortable in silence, "you know we're kind of like the three musketeers. On an adventure."
     Chad opened the doorway to the staircase. "Rebecca, I'm pretty sure the only girl in that novel was hanged."
     "Jeez thanks for the downer."
     At the fourth level of the staircase it began to get dark. The lights were off. They all stopped.
     "This is getting creepy," said Rebecca.
     "I've heard of this place, but I thought it was a myth like the male G-spot." Tony scratched his head. Then he touched Rebecca's bottom.
     "Who touched my butt?" Laughter.
     Chad spoke up. "Look we can use this torch to light the stairwell." Chad stayed in front knocking down spider webs and making sure no one got hurt. Finally, they got to the fifth level. It was a big wide open space much different from the other levels. The floor was dirt and like the stairway it was pitch black except for their torch. The bookcases were long and filled with books going as far back as visible. Rebecca spotted a shimmer of light. "Look light! Maybe someone can help us." They approached it. An old man sat at a desk lit by a candle. His beard went down to his knees and was pure white. He had on a snuggie which made him look like a wizard.
     "Hello," said Tony. "Would you help us find a book?"
     The man looked up. "Students, eh?"
     "A Canadian?" Rebecca blurted out.
     The man continued. "I haven't seen students down here in years. They kept me on their payroll though so I kept coming back. Let me see the call number." Chad handed him a slip of paper and he scanned over it. "Ahh I know exactly where it is. Follow me children."
     The old man picked up a candle and led the way. His wooden cane echoed throughout the room. Adding to the sound he laughed evilly as he took each step.
     All three grabbed each other's arm in fright.
     "I've seen this guy on Myspace," said Chad. "He wouldn't add me as a friend, but he added all my female friends. I hear he's a cannibal."
     "I hear he's a pedophile," whispered Tony.
     "I hear he's a Republican," said Rebecca.
     "Dear Lord," said Tony. "Don't joke around like that." He tightened his grip.
     The old man stopped at a particular bookcase. "Here we are children." He flashed a widened grin so that you would see all his teeth. "Now see if you can find your way back." He threw a fistful of stuff on the ground and smoke rose, completely enveloping him. Once the smoke disappeared the old man was gone.
     "Holy cheesecake," said Robin.
     "Dang nabbit," said Chad.
     "Typical Republican," said Tony.

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