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The Guide to End All Player's Guides

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     I have read hundreds of guides, player guides, and seduction techniques to become better with women and through rigorous experiments I have found the most successful methods to attract the most amount of women with the least amount of effort. This guide is not here to trick you or make you look like a fool. I also do not want any of your money. You will never hear me ask you once for a credit card number or check, everything inside is absolutely free. I just want everyone to experience a greater and more plentiful life through my techniques. I'll never forget the very first time that I had slept with a woman. Here is what I did: stomped my left foot twice, mimicked a chicken flapping it's wings, and then clucked. After doing these simple steps I was able to attract the most beautiful woman in the room. That's all there is to it! And I didn't stop there. I have successfully attracted hundreds of women simply by acting like a chicken. The results are remarkable and very clear: chicks dig chicks. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on name brand shirts and ties? Don't bother because they won't work like old-fashioned tar and feathers. You're problems with the opposite sex are over! The only problem you will have now is where to store all their phone numbers! Good luck!

"I wish I had found this advice sooner." - Ross Jeffries

"I'm such an idiot. The solution was right in front of me. Chicks dig chicks." - Mystery

"It's simple. Nothing will get you laid like laying an egg." - Neil Strauss

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