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The Geek Who Wore Clothes [IMG]

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     Eric's mind wandered, he completely forgot he was on a date. Instead, he was concerned why the IETF had made an Internet protocol version 6 directly after version 4. "Where was Internet protocol version 5?!" He thought to himself.

     His date returned from the bathroom and he forced the thought to the back of his mind. It would remain there until he went back to work Monday to his position as network administrator. Cindy, who was reluctant to go out with the guy she referred to as "dweeb" only two months ago, changed her mind about him after she caught sight of the large paycheck he deposited each month. Suddenly, she was laughing at his stupid jokes and accepting dinner invitations. He simply assumed it was because he now parted his hair to the left where before it was to the right.

     The evening was getting dull and the crowd began to disassemble. Cindy could only keep showing her astonishment at the convention. "I always thought Spock was the black guy," she said.

     "No," he said unable to hold in his laughter. "Not even first year Star Trekians mess that up. I'll let you borrow my special edition DVD's so you can catch up." He put his arm around her in superiority.

     After the Star Trek convention Eric figured he'd win her over with a few rounds of counter-strike. After beating his previous record of eight kills in one round he invited her back to his studio and she politely agreed, but insisted it was only for one drink and nothing more. He reassured her, and again. In fact the only conversation they had on the way to his apartment was him reassuring her.

     At his studio they both chatted away on Eric's LAN. After Cindy wasn't impressed by his Internet alias "Big_Penis_Eric_12inches" he spammed her with private messages entailed "Hey 22/m/il here, looking for a hot chick to watch me masturbate on my web cam". She politely responded with an away message before ignoring him.

     Eric's sexual inexperience glowed with apprehension. Up until now all he knew about sex was the over exaggerated kisses and cunnilingus techniques used in porn. The only experience he's had has been cyber sex with pedophiles pretending to be sexy 19 year old girls. So he just sat at the computer and waited for Cindy to leave hoping the phone sex lines hadn't closed yet. But not so soon, she had been mentally preparing herself for sex with him all day. She'd planned ahead for a few things that would help such as closing her eyes, faking an orgasm, and fattening up on aphrodisiacs.

     "I'm going to slip into something a little more comfortable," she teased. He laid back on his twin-sized bed and kicked off his shoes, relaxing. Or, relaxing the best you can when every muscle in your body is stiff as a board. Nonetheless, he tried to adjust, but failed. In only a few seconds he prematurely ejaculated in his drawers and fainted from the excitement. So much for all his practice and anticipation for this moment.

     Cindy sneaked around the place looking for anything worth looting. There was nothing, she concluded, it was all invested in top-of-the-line computer equipment. She took a few hundred that he had stashed in his wallet and a television set, which for some reason had a sticky remote control. Eric e-mailed his buddies bragging that he got laid, however not remembering the night he told them it was like the pleasure of finally cracking a 40-bit password.

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