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The Beginning

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The Beginning (Chapter 1 in "The Journey")

and a half moons
had passed through
phases of waxing
and waning
since the door to Eden
closed and
a vast desert faded in.
Then there he appeared,
enigmatic and hard to read,
an oasis in the desert,
a strong, sensual steed.
The Berber nomad had
not ridden in so long,
her sad face glad
to find respite from
a seemingly impossible
journey, so bad that
she was thought to
be walking circles,
unable to move beyond
cold desert nights
into the soothing dawn.
Though mirage this image may be,
and trust cannot come so easily,
for both the nomad and the steed,
in a second glance, the nomad took
a second chance to ride so freely.
Now a wild horse may
not be willing to be tamed,
nor would he say
whether a ride lasts
beyond a single day...
...this the Berber girl knew,
and she could not hope for more,
lest she find herself
flung on the floor,
back on the grating sand
an almost comfortable choice
for this proud and stubborn nomad
who had
made peace with the last
period of life in this barren land.
So hung on she did,
for a short ride
through the cutting winds,
into a surprise;
a place she did not expect
to find herself in,
a place where she
could not believe that
she had arrived:
new scenery, slightly less sand,
it seems the steed had brought
the nomad to a new land.
As the nomad stepped down,
dismounting the steed,
newly opened eyes
peered as far as she could see...
a foggy, but beautiful scene,
leaving the nomad with a feeling,
to speak the description,
the only words she could breathe,
"So serene."
She looked over her shoulder,
the steed out of sight,
it seems he had slipped away
in the quiet of night.
She called out to her new friend,
not so much as a whinny returned,
though slightly saddened at the silence,
she did not feel burned.
The coolness of
this new place
where she had arrived,
brought her a newfound sense
of how truly she is alive.
As the new dawn arose,
the nomad did too,
and stepped forward
on a path, though
destination unknown,
certainly anew.
Whether the same steed returns,
or a new ride appears,
this new dawn is certain
to bring on much more positive
and wonderful years...
She is reborn.

by Genevieve M.

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