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Come live with us and be my dad,
For her and me that's all we had.
The days of fun and days of family
Ended with tears and a broken family.

I would cook and wash for you,
And dedicate my youth to you.
Day and night, I would care
I just hoped you would too.

I would make the bed and clean,
A thousand things if you were just around.
She needs you now, she asks for you,
She's just a baby and needs of you.

Come live with us and be my dad,
I just don't want you to, and I feel bad.
You hurt my mom, and when you talk,
Its just lies, and then you walk.

You then come back and try to talk,
And then again you just walk.
You start new fights for no reason
When it was you who committed treason.

No more yelling, no more fights,
Peace and quiet, and some lights.
I love him so, I love him still
It's just a gap impossible to refill.

-Gaby Rivera-

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