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The Ultimate Punishment [IMG]

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     Late in the back of a strip club, a room lay full of pool tables, alcohol, and posters of nude playmates that were sexy five years ago. This room is where the Puzo family hangs out to talk dirt and discuss business. Business consists of motels they own that solicits drugs and prostitution, truck cargo they intercept, theft, drug deals, and small businesses they protect from local gangs.
     Johnny "Balboa" Fetuccini bursted through the back door. The Big Don gave him a cold stare. "Balboa, you're late."
     "I know," he squealed. "I'm sorry Don, but my mom woke me up late so I couldn't get here on time."
     The Big Don was very displeased. He had done a favor by reaching out to Johnny and hiring him. It was a disgrace to constantly show up late when he had only been part of the family so briefly. "And why do you need your mother to wake you up?"
     "Well, she's gotta drive me here."
     "You're still having your mom drop you off? What the heck am I paying you for?"
     Balboa took off his hat and nearly crushed it between his hands in nervousness. "I'm terribly sorry Don, but my bike is in the shop. I can't do anything until they replace my bell."
     The Big Don took a large puff from his cigar. "This does not please me. But since I played with your uncle when we were children and I love him dearly I will go easy on you. Pull your card."
     Balboa's lip started to whimper. He put out his arms in mercy, begging like a dog. "Don, please. Not this."
     "It is a warning to you."
     Balboa walked over to the bulletin board. Before he pulled his card he turned his head around as if to ask one last time that the Don not do this. The Big Don pointed towards the bulletin board with his stogy. "Why me?" he thought to himself. He became so nervous that he dropped his card.
     Albert, one of the Big Don's gunmen, became impatient and fired a round at him, missing and putting a hole in the wall. The Big Don calmly gestured to Albert not to shoot again and he didn't.
     "He will not learn if you shoot him. Punish him like once my teacher punished me in grammar school. My teacher, he was a brave man. I am saddened that a terrible accident caused an end to his life." The Big Don rested the stogy on his large lips and sucked the flavor of the cigar. "My friends, his punishment will be..." he paused to increase the tension in the room, "time-out."
     The entire room went into silence. Everyone turned to see the poor soul who was forced the ultimate punishment. In time-out, you were required to sit in a chair facing the wall for up to a maximum of fifteen minutes! After thinking about what you have done and only then, are you allowed to re-enter the club. The Big Don had set up the chair and arranged fifteen minutes for him. Albert had reminded the Don about the required dunce cap that needed to be worn during time-out. The Don thanked Albert by kissing the top of his head. Everyone resumed their activities thanking the Lord that they were not to be sentenced to the dreaded time-out.

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