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Two Weeks Notice

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Ted: Okay, so in order for us to maximize profits on the production of our bottled water we need to reproduce our bottles with less of a height and more of a width.
John: Yes, that's correct. We've discussed this and even though it may be a bit uncomfortable for the average American consumer he will learn to get used to it, kind of like getting used to their Cretin president [George W. Bush, Jr.].
Mark: You guys remade the bottles?
Ted: Yes, we had a mathematician figure out how to reduce costs in our production by minimizing the containers. The protege looks like this. [He showed everyone at the meeting an odd shaped container with very small height and large width.]
Mark: [laughing] That is the same amount of material in that bottle as our old ones.
John: Mark, I assure you she came up with the correct equation to minimize our costs.
Mark: I'll be right back.

Two weeks later.

Ted: Our factory has been running an entire week producing the new bottles and we have estimated to save approximately 1.2 million over the next 3 year period on production costs.

Mark walks into the meeting.

Mark: You're right. I measured both cans and the one you guys told me about used less material.
John: What are you doing here, Mark?
Mark: What do you mean?
John: It's been 2 weeks since you left, Mark. You quit. Remember?
Mark: Quit? No, I just left to go measure the sizes of the bottles.
Ted: It took you 2 weeks to measure the size of a bottle?
Mark: Well I had to find out the formulas and everything.
Ted: Just please sit down and shut up.

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