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Retracing Walden Pond

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     Fed up with society in the 19th century Henry David Thoreau moved into a shack near the beautiful and grand Walden Pond reserve. He lived there for a year only surviving on the mere basics so he could focus on his book and really begin to appreciate life. He thought his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson was a sell-out for living a rich life, despite them both being well educated Harvard men.

     Many have retraced this journey as a sort of secular pilgrimage. The movie Into the Wild was about a boy who lived off the land, inspired by Thoreau but he died from a poison berry. Ted Kaczynski is the genius mathematician who side stepped the 9 to 5 and lived in a shack on less than five grand per year. He eventually turned psycho and began shipping bombs to universities and arlines because he was frustrated with technology; a "neo-luddite."

     While I certainly don't believe in a higher power and enjoy creationists making a fool of themselves arguing in debates, I can understand pious people's attempt to fulfill their lives outside of corporate America. (Thoreau was religious. That's why I bring this up.)

     The humorous thing about this pond is that there is actually two Walden ponds in Massachusetts and many people accidentally go to the wrong one. The type of person that goes on this sojourn is probably someone a little desperate, confused, existentialistic, and looking for hope. It must be demotivating to end up at the wrong place from a GPs device, probably something the New Englad tourists are trying to escape from as well.

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