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Wouldn't it be funny if?

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1. You were interviewed by Simon Cowell and Chef Ramsay.
2. Tom Leykis became a priest.
3. Chris Brown opened up a women's treatment facility.
4. You were instructed by Christian Bale at an anger management class.
5. Aliens knew about us thousands of years ago, but they never decided to visit us for fear of being influenced by our low moral character.
6. Mexico was the next greatest national economy.
7. Cockroaches replace God as the ultimate insect to be worshipped since they are the only creature that will survive a nuclear holocaust.
8. Jesus came back only to be crucified again after pissing everyone off by giving us new philosophy that will last for the next thousand years.
9. The United States decided they want superheroes to overlook the nation's activities, but could only afford to fund the heroes from The Watchmen.
10. Vegatarians started to vanish off the face of the Earth only for us to find out later on they were being eaten by cows.

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