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Willy Loman's First Day [IMG]

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Punk rings man's door.

Punk: Excuse me, sir. I was wondering if you would be interested in our Taliban package? It includes an airline jacking kit, a suicide bomber backpack, C4, and your choice of towel head-ware.
Man: Are you serious? You actually came all the way up to my door for this pathetic prank?
Punk: Actually, I just ran out of girl scout cookies.
Man: You know just because I'm from the middle-east doesn't mean I fit your stereotype. Now get off my lawn before I turn on my sprinklers and water you down. (In whispering voice to himself) Like the gasoline I give to my customers.

Man walks into house and punk leaves.

Man's wife: Who was that, honey?
Man: Just one of those damn Americans trying to sell us a Taliban package.
Man's wife: Oh. (She pauses) We already have that.

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